Wednesday, 04 November 2009

If you've got an account that uses Google mail you have got to try out the Gmail Notifier Plus app as it looks so good on Windows 7. Just look at the Jump Menu for the app. At a glance you can see how many new items are in your inbox and gmailNotifierPlusJumpMenu most recent 10 have their subjects listed on the Jump menu so that you can go directly to any of them with a single click. Also from the tasks section you have the option to compose a new mail or go to your inbox, both of these options will open a browser with the selected page displayed.

Another very nice feature of the app occurs when you mouse over the icon on the Windows 7 task bar. You get a small preview window that allows you to step through your mail and read the first few lines from each and for convenience you have the ability to open the full email in your browser.gmailNotifierPlusMouseOver Trust me if you have a Google mail account you want to check this little app out as it makes it so easy to work with your gmail.

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