Monday, 16 November 2009

wireless-extender At home I have a Playstation 3, Xbox 360, three laptops and a desktop computer all looking to share Internet access and so far it's all been a piece of cake thanks to the dLan high-speed Ethernet plugs from Devolo. These have been a dream and scaled really well as new kit has been added to the home network, it was just a matter of simply plugging an Ethernet cable into the device and one of these plugs into the wall socket. Although when I'm writing code I tend to be reasonably disciplined in wirelessExtenderDiagramlocking myself away if I'm just browsing the web or reading blogs I'd like to have the freedom to go where ever I want. The only problem with this has been the limited range of the BT home hub. But I've just found the perfect solution Devolo have a wireless extender so all I have to do is plug this in wherever I want and I now I always have a really strong Wi-Fi connection if I'm just sitting in the living room surfing and watching TV. Again this was really easy to setup as it worked straight out of the box with my existing home network and I'd recommend anyone in a similar situation give this a try. 

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