Monday, 01 June 2009

I just upgraded to Windows 7 RC and solved my first issue. Upon upgrading I found all the folders and shortcuts under 'All Program' on the start menu was empty. Now the start menu isn't something I've used for a while since I started using the program Launchy. Launchy is an application launcher that runs in the background that I can call by using the Alt+Space keyboard shortcut, I then type the name of the program I want to launch and press the enter key. Been a programmer and very used to working with command line interfaces I find this much simpler that navigating any form of start menu. sshot-1

The screenshot shows what Launchy looks like, it remembers the programs you have launched in the past so now I can launch FireFox by simply typing the F and pressing enter. Since I installed Launchy I have stopped organizing the folders and shortcuts in my start menu simply because I know I'll never go looking for anything in the start menu that I install. This all worked fine while I was running Vista however after sshot-2upgrading to Windows 7 I found all the entries in the start menu gone. Yet when I navigated to the folder using Windows Explorer I found that all the folders and shortcuts still existed.  So after a bit of experimentation I found that by grouping the folders in start menu into groups such as 'Dev Tools' or 'Sys Util' I found that by reducing the number of item in 'All Programs' on the Windows menu that the Start menu was then able to display all the shortcuts. I'm not sure what the maximum number of entries the Start Menu can support is but 54 was fine for me.

If you right click on the 'All Programs' option in the Start Menu you will get a context menu that allows you to open the folder that holds the start menu folders for your account and an option to open the location for all users. You will need to check the number of items in both locations as both locations contribute to the total number of items in your start menu.

Launchy is an open source program and has builds for Windows and Linux, I first learnt of Launchy from the book 'The Productive Programmer' and would encourage you to give it a go as I've been using it for a while now and I've been really pleased with the program.

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