Wednesday, 21 April 2010

reWork Buy this book!! I can't emphasis that enough, this book is clear advice on how to got about starting up a project and growing it from your pet project to a product that you can be passionate about and make work for you as a business.

This is not a very wordy book and as a result it's a book you can read very quickly, each point the authors whish to raise is presented in only a few pages at most with quit large clean fonts that are easy on the easy on your eyes. But don't for one minute think that the larger font and the cut down content leads to a book that contains less advice. The complete opposite is the case the authors have basically produced a book with no cr@p!! As they say themselves in the introduction that the reader will thank them for the stuff they left out, I really do thank them for this, the book is perfect.

As Seth Godin said in his review stop reading and go buy ReWork.

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