Wednesday, 21 April 2010

reWork Buy this book!! I can't emphasis that enough, this book is clear advice on how to got about starting up a project and growing it from your pet project to a product that you can be passionate about and make work for you as a business.

This is not a very wordy book and as a result it's a book you can read very quickly, each point the authors whish to raise is presented in only a few pages at most with quit large clean fonts that are easy on the easy on your eyes. But don't for one minute think that the larger font and the cut down content leads to a book that contains less advice. The complete opposite is the case the authors have basically produced a book with no cr@p!! As they say themselves in the introduction that the reader will thank them for the stuff they left out, I really do thank them for this, the book is perfect.

As Seth Godin said in his review stop reading and go buy ReWork.

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 Monday, 19 April 2010

n350254507751_6618 I work with Allstate NI and due to expansion we're looking for .Net developers. Check out the careers site for more details or come and meet with us an one of our open days (dates below). If you're a talented .Net developer you should come check us out especially if you like:

    .    Working a 4 Day Weeks while being paid for 5!! 
    .    Duvet days
    .    Money off gym fees
    .    Beer & pizza
    .    Plus loads and loads more benefits.


If you don't believe me check this video out.

Upcoming open days at Allstate NI's Belfast and Northland Rd offices:


Belfast Office
Thursday 29th April 2010 3-7pm
Thursday 27th May 2010 3-7pm

Northland Rd Offices
Friday 30th April 2010 3-7pm
Friday 28th May 2010 3-7 pm

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 Sunday, 18 April 2010

northwest I'll be delivering a session to NW-MTUG on what's new in C# 4.0 on Monday 17th May. You can get all the details on NW-MTUG's site and register here.

I'll cover the main new features with code examples for each:

            • Dynamic
            • Named & Option Parameters
            • Generic Variance

There'll also be a few prizes to give out on the night ;-)

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 Saturday, 17 April 2010

Having seen how good Winzip 14 can look from Scott Hanselman's blog I decided to try it out but the first thing that annoyed me with the installer is that fact that it attempts to install the Google toolbar, Winzip 14 looking to install Google toolbarI don't really like any of these toolbars as I have installed other plug-ins that allow me to work how I like with my web browser. Anyway I'm perfectly capable of downloading and installing software from Google if I want it, I don't like software being forced upon me.

Despite this annoyance Winzip 14 does look good and has a useful jump menu when pinned to the Windows 7 taskbar.   Winzip 14 Jump Menu

During the installation I also have been presented with the option to select zip or zipx as the default file format for Winzip. The advantage of zipx being that it provides better compression but with the disadvantage that it is not compatible with older editions of Winzip. To test this out I zipped a folder containing a set of my photos using both formats. The uncompressed folder was 127 MB, the zipx file was 96 MB and the zip file was 126 MB.

This screenshot shows the summary screen that is displayed when the compression is zipx Summarycomplete. One thing that I did notice was the zipx compression is significantly slower than the zip compression.  However there was a reasonable difference in size approximately 20 MB. Although the zipx provides space saving and should therefore allow users to download a smaller file from your web site I don't think I start immediately providing downloads in the format simply because at the time of writing Winzip seems to be the only option for anyone looking to extract the data. However 7-Zip an open source alternative to Winzip indicates in a forum that support for zipx will come in future releases, when this happens I'll then contemplate using zipx as my default format until then I'll stick with zip.

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 Wednesday, 14 April 2010

northwestI'm organizing a session at NW-MTUG that will be made up entirely of local speakers. Here's the format.

  • 6 speakers
  • 5 mins each speaker
  • No questions
  • Topic of your choice

    For now if you could let me know of sessions you would like to present just give me a  title and a short description feel free to send more than one, send these to me before July 31st after that I'll create a poll on the groups Facebook fan page and let the group vote on the sessions they'd like to see. This will be based on session title and description so no one company should dominate the evening. Ideally I'd like to see this happen in October or November as this will give me time to sort sponsorship, the voting and will give those people selected to deliver a session time to prepare. Please feel free to forward this invite to anyone you think would be interested in delivering a session.

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